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Sarah's Dream Dress Set: Hardcover Book + Paper Doll + Art Print

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We are so excited for you to meet Sarah and join her as she discovers the truth about patience. We trust that as you enjoy these stories, you would be inspired. God treasures all His beautiful little ladies! Instead of keeping us in a treasure box, He places us in our homes, schools, ballets classes, and circle of friends to shine for Him. May your heart be filled with beautiful treasures as you grow in Jesus. Packaged in a keepsake box is the book titled “Sarah’s Dream Dress.” The reader can also enjoy the application section in the book. This section encourages conversation around the topic of patience. Included in the box set is an Art Print with a Bible verse to place on the wall to remind little ladies to “grow patience.” To encourage meaningful playtime there is a beautiful paper doll representing the character, Sarah



  • 26 Page Hardcover Book
  • 1x Art Print of Bible Verse
  • 1x Paper Doll - Sarah